About DSG

Since 1996 Dial Solutions Group has been helping companies just like yours build high performance teams to accomplish their dreams. We apply our unique methodology called the People Strategy Cycle™ to attract, engage and retain top talent. The result: stronger leadership, a more engaged workforce, a more powerful workplace culture and, ultimately, higher performance and greater value. Your workforce, your workplace, your performance—all transformed.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we have considerable experience working with small start-ups and 1000-employee giants in a wide range of industries. But we’ve found the sweet spot—that spot where we make the biggest difference—is with companies like yours, of between five and 100 employees. 

About the People Strategy CycleTM

Here’s a given: companies don’t deliver results; people do. And the future success of your organization depends on the productive capacity of the team you’ve hired to run your business, from the executives to the support staff.

The People Strategy Cycle™ has been developed over the past 15 years to help businesses create the three essential building blocks to effective team building: effective leadership, enabling workplaces, and engaged people. You’ll see that top performance is not so much about micro management, SMART goals and smart phones, as it is about understanding, designing and implementing the frameworks for attracting, engaging and retaining smart people in today’s economic climate.

About David Dial BA, HCS, CHRP

David Dial founded Dial Solutions Group in 1996 to fill a gap in the market. He saw plenty of complicated theories, costly programs and high-tech solutions to common workplace issues. His specialty is helping people like you develop simple, effective processes for transforming the workplace from a place of low morale and mediocrity to one of focused, committed excellence.  

He brings a wealth of practical information gathered over a 20+ year career helping clients improve performance. He demonstrates that you don’t have to be an HR Guru with half a dozen high-priced consultants in your pocket to help your people reach and exceed goals. You need only The People Strategy CycleTM.

David is a third generation Calgarian, a graduate of the University of Calgary with a BA - double major in Political Science and History, holds a Human Capital Strategist (HSC) designation from the Human Capital Institute in Washington DC and a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation from the Human Resources Institute of Alberta.